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diciembre 26, 2012

Tensions to challenge the three-world order

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The Second World War shaped the global political order of the second half of the XX century. Owing to the balance of powers that led to the defeat of the Japanese and the Germans, the World was led to a polarization of two main blocks: the capitalists and the communists. However, even though that was the intended reordering wanted by the two main superpowers: the United States and the Soviet Union; there was a further fractioning with sometimes subtle cracks but sometimes with deep divisions inside each particular fraction (Tignor, et al., 2011, p. 779). For the leading powers, the need to maintain their dominant position was the common trail that led to the tacit organization of the world into three blocks: the First World let by the United States under the capitalism doctrine; the Second World directed by the Soviet Union and their communism agenda and, finally, the Third World composed by African, Asian and Latin American countries; the latter being pull by the First and Second world to join their vision and political agenda in the new ordering of the world. The balance of global wealth and power was maintained for several decades, however different events exposed vulnerabilities not only inside them but also in the framework that hold together the doctrine of world dominance by a narrow set of policies (Wikipedia, 2012). (more…)


diciembre 9, 2012

Sources and responses to imperial expansion around the world from 1860 to 1914

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The nineteenth century was characterized for the consolidation and expansion of dominant empires around the world: European powers granted themselves possession over the African and Middle East territories; the United States took over the American territory and seized control over some former Spanish colonies on the Caribbean and South Asia; Japan, Russia and China took control over the Asian landscape. These movements and shifting of powers had strong consequences not only in the geopolitical and economic shape of the globe but it also deeply affected the life of millions of people that were being ruled by new regimes and had to forcibly adapt to new realities according to the struggle of foreign powers .


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