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noviembre 24, 2012

The Industrial Revolution and its role in the development of Global Commerce

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It is nowadays just normal to shop fruits from South America, sweets from Europe and tea from china at the local supermarket in a Thursday’s evening rush. It is taken for granted, especially in rich societies, that those goods are always available. People even get picky about them and browse around for different qualities, a wider choice of origins or, simply, price. However, the easy access to world goods and merchandise was not always the case. One might believe that distances and transportation were the main factors in the previous unavailability of large supplies of foreign products; and indeed it played an important role, however world wide availability of merchandise was triggered by several key factors that together created the “ecosystem” of global trade in use today.



octubre 21, 2012

Global integration to bring us appart

At the beginning of the seventeenth century the world had a different shape, in terms of global relationships between nations, compared to what it was just two hundred years before. The main cause being the exponential increment in global trading, this, in turn, was accelerated by the availability of international tradable goods: furs, sugar, tobacco, coffee and tea, among others . These goods, as well as others stimulants and preciosities, could be now bought thanks to the constant supply of silver and gold that was being shipped out from the Americas to Europe and Asia.


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